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First things first: this post is not sponsored; the brand doesn’t know I’m doing it. I just want to share with you this brand and why I like it so much.

I love Spain. Is where my family is from and I country I have lived many years and has a very special spot in my heart. On the many beautiful cities to visit is Segovia. Is a town very close to Madrid with a deep historic background. It has many monuments, and a very beautiful store and brand: The Singular Olivia.

This brand is everything. The founder is Paula Gonzalez, I have been following her since when I was living in Barcelona 10 years ago.

She started her business in a very unusual way (but a very touching story) and she was well known to make customized soaps for weddings and special events. The quality her products and the details in every single one was out of this world.

7 years ago, she made THE Big step or to say it better several steps at once. She opened her first store, launched 6 soaps and 4 candles. All at the same time. The soaps were the first ones to be available for everybody and had names like mojito, la vie en rose, etc. But besides the new name and the beautiful packaging, the quality of the soaps is unbelievable. They are made with bio origin ingredients, beautiful and subtle aromas, the highest level of quality and even the packing is used with recycled materials and eco inks.

Every soap and candle have a beautiful and original story behind, that evoke a certain emotion once you received and use it, rather than using a product you are living an experience. They are not tested in animals, safe for pregnant women and palm oil free.

My favorite is Heidi, made with rosemary, almond oil, lavender and poppy seeds.

Mojito soap: lemon, mint and shea butter. Freshness in a soap bar.

Then she launched a line specially for children and more products, which a percentage of the profit goes to Khanimambo foundation, specialized in providing primary health and special treatments for the skin of the children of Praia de Xai-Xai in Mozambique.

When you visit her store in Segovia, you can find her products from other brands like: Oskia, The Ordinary, Avril, Barr-co, etc. The wonderful team at the shop is willing to help you solve any beauty question you have and answer any question. The customer service is impeccable.

You can check her web page: The Singular Olivia it is mainly in Spanish but if you use Chrome you can make to translate it into English. And they shipped internationally.

I love her products, they are designed with such detail and quality that are part of my holy grail, but also I’m a huge fan of Paula and her work ethic. She is the prove that you can do things in your own way, that you can make something exceptional from something that was already really good and go against the norms. She and her team do everything so unique and beautiful that it really makes you happy using their products but also of the success they have.

Have a look of her store and specially of her products.

And thank you the singular Olivia for bringing “joie de vivre” to our daily lives.

Address: Plaza Dr. Laguna, 2, 40001 Segovia, Spain


Note: This post does not contains affiliate links. This post is not sponsored. All images used in this post are property of The Singular Olivia.

Author: Maite

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