Travel tip | 5 Packing hacks

I have been travelling for work and pleasure for a long time, specially more for work and those trips usually are short, where I don’t check-in luggage and I will only bring a carry on and my laptop bag. I have been slowly getting better on packing to optimize space but also make things a little bit easier. I will share today my most used and helpful packing hacks that have worked for me and I hope they can be useful for you as well.

Shower caps as shoe bags

I have always used the little fabric bags for packing my shoes, but I have found an alternative solution that saves space but also prevents the clothes or fabrics to get dirty from my shoes and is using shower caps. When I travel and I stay in a hotel I tend to get the little transparent shower caps that they put in bathroom and I use them as my shoe’s bags. it fits one pair of shoes per shower cap. Is easy, cheap and also as they are usually transparent, I can very easy see and pick the right pair of shoes right away.

Laundry bag – avoid forgetting something

I always bring a fabric bag with me and use it as my laundry bag and it helps me in 3 ways: one it helps my organization while I’m staying in a hotel, one I use something I folded and put it in the laundry bag, so I know what are the clean clothes I have left. Second: It helps me to avoid leaving any clothes behind when I leave and last but not least and third when arrive home I put the bag in the laundry basket and it speeds up the unpacking process.

Packing cubes: game changer

via Bag all

This has been the best hack I have incorporated in the last years, as it helps tremendously in your suitcase organization but also it helps to maximize the space without adding unnecessary weight. I love them and I clearly cannot pack without them. it helps categorize my clothe divide them and maintains everything very organized and tidy. There are many options available in the market right now, with different sizes, patterns, colors, so you have a great selection to choose from. The ones I’m currently using ones set from Travelwise I bought it from Amazon a few years ago. They are lightweight, comes in different colors and very affordable. As they are fabrics, I can easily wash them if necessary.

Wear the most bulky piece on yourself

Pic via Fashion Jackson

Space is the biggest constraint on short trips, so I tend to wear the items of clothing that are bulkier on me (coast, big sweaters, scarfs, boots, etc.) so I save space on my carry on for more stuff. This helps me not only maximizing the space on my bag but also validate if those pieces are really necessary and I can combine it with other items on my bag.

Fragrance sachets

Adding some small fragrance sachets in your carry-on bag weather for traveling or for storing will keep everything smelling fresh and new and in your favorite fragrance. I love this tip, especially when storing your carry on, as when you open it smells great and ready to hit the road again. I either carry small lavender bags that I also use on y closet or make one with my favorite scented mist or perfume. A month ago, I found this one from Rituals which I’m currently using.

What are you packing hacks? Have you found something that have change (for the better) your packing game?

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