Beauty | PIXI FortifEYE Eye Patches

Brand: Pixi Beauty

Country: United Kingdom

Main ingredients: Glycerin, Coconut extract, Pinus leaf extract, Retinol and Vitamin E.

Purpose: Deliver a lifting and firming effect while hydrating the delicate eye area.

For whom is good: All skin types. If you have sensitive skin, I will avoid it as it has a small amount of retinol (in a very mild form) that can potentially cause irritation.

When to use it: It can be added in either in the AM or PM, after cleaning and moisturizing the skin. Frequency – Daily or as needed.

Free of: Paraben -Sulfate – Alcohol – Silicone

Vegan: No

Cruelty – Free: Yes

Safe for pregnant women: No, as it has a very small amount of retinol and it is advised not to use retinol products during pregnancy.

Size: 30 pairs of eyepatches (60 patches)

Packaging: It comes in a small jar with the patches very carefully stacked and a spatula that will help you separate and pick up the patch you will use.

My product when I opened it

My opinion: puff where do I start… I don’t expect that an eye patches will do a miracle and lift my tired eyes, but I would expect that do..something. And this is what happened with this product. It does not do anything, yes it maybe moisturize a little, but there are better products in the market at a better prices.

The patches are not my favorite thing for 2 reasons: one, they are unnecessary as you can applied the product directly and avoid the hassle to separate them every single time and try to place then in your face and second is a unnecessary waste to the environment.

How long did it last: I’m still using it. I have been using it weekly for the last 2 months and now will switch to daily to finish it.

Score: 2/5 Below average

Will I repurchase it: No

Price point: 30 ml: 25.95€ | $24| £22

Where you can buy it:

…and many other retailers.

Have you used eye patches before? What has been your experience?

Note: there are no affiliate links in this post and I have purchased the product mentioned.

Author: Maite

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