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We know all the hassle we go at the airport when we travel with carry on. For me is always a challenge to see how much I can fit in my 1l clear cosmetic case for liquids. Even there is a global rule, each airport has their own guidelines. I usually travel with 3 cases: 1 for liquids, 1 for dry products and 1 for makeup brushes and accessories. Every time I try to maximize the space of my liquid case without sacrificing product for my beauty routine.

So then I started looking for alternatives to switch products, so I came up with a great list of liquid product you can switch to other format that are very practical for travel. Here you have 9 options to take out from your liquid case and still maintain our skincare complete.


You can switch your shower gel to a solid bar and the market offers many possibilities. Also, for short trips you can cut the bar in a smaller piece instead of bringing the entire bar.

via Formulary 55


Great news is that now there are many formats of sunscreen so you can keep the cream one at home and bring the one in a stick or a powder and still be protected. The 2 I like the best to travel is the stick ones as I feel I can get more coverage and the powder one for retouch during the day without messing up with my makeup. These are my favorites.


My usual deodorant (Dove go fresh) comes in aerosol and you can find a travel version, but for travel I prefer to use the solid bar for  2 reason: 1) is one liquid less I get to pack and 2) the travel size one is so small and  you cannot refill so it will be a waste to buy in each trip a new one. Also there are many other great deodorants that comes in bar as well.

Nail polish wipes

This are very practical sachets that you can bring a couple of them and use them if you want to remove or fix your manicure. I found them very practical and doesn’t take a lot a room. Also are perfect to store in your office drawer in case of a ” nail emergency ” :).

Cleanser stick

To be honest I have not tried any solid cleanser (beside a bar soap) but it an interesting product and I think a great addition for your travel very practical also for the size and you won’t have spilled product on you case. Brilliant.


Many brands like Bobbi brown, Hourglass, Maybelline have come up with stick foundation that are great for everyday makeup, but better when you are on a trip , saves space and a liquid less from you liquid case. Also this kind of foundation last a long time as little goes a long way if you blend it.


Yes, you read it right. I have found a solid mouthwash and what is better it comes in tablets, so you don’t have to bring the entire bottle and I have to say they are very effective (I will make a post with a review) and super practical. They come in different flavors. Lush is a brand that aims for sustainability without compromising beauty and care.

Face mask

Here you have different options:  you can bring a sheet mask or a stick face mask (yes they exist).So if you need an exfoliation of a shoot of hydration in form of a mask, you can bring it on your trip. Also the sizes are compact so you can fit them on your carry one suitcase.

Dry Shampoo

You know the typical dry shampoo that comes in a spray, that really can help you revitalize your hair without washing it. But I have found (and tried) a dry shampoo in form of powder. It’s from the french brand Klorane, known for their superb hair care products. And I think works better the other brands I have tried and is not liquid.

I hope you have now more options to trade liquid products and maximize the use of you travel case space without compromising on your skincare & beauty routine

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