Life Update | January 2020

Hello everybody

I’m finally back. I took a semi online break as where I didn’t post that much as I want to spend time with family and recharges my energy to start this year with a new enthusiasm.

Also, I started a new job 2 weeks ago which is an exciting challenge but also diminish my commute from 2.2 hours (each way) on train/bus to 25 min in my bike. I’m so happy with this change I think I have gained a lot of time and quality of life.

In terms of my future posts, I will include more subjects besides beauty and travel and share with you also other things that I’m currently enjoying as well.

On the travel side I have 2 trips schedule, one this week to Geneva for skiing with friends, well they will ski, and I will relax and enjoy the day.

Then the following week I will have a weekend trip to Madrid to meet with some friends from University that I haven’t see in ages. looking forward to some good food and quality time with them.

And by February I should finalize the planning of the travel schedule for 2020, including Xmas so we can start looking for good deals.

On the beauty side I have a few great products I finish last months, and I will post my reviews in the following weeks.

On the sharing is caring I have been enjoying very much the post from The Frugality by Alex Stedman. She has been around a long time but what I love more is that she shares about how to style and travel with a budget without sacrifice on quality. Good to check it out

Pic: The frugality

Wish you a very lovely week


Author: Maite

Hi I'm Maite I love everything about beauty and skincare but also love travel the world to see new places. I created this blog to combine my two passions and share with you in this little corner on the web. I hope you enjoy it!

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