Beauty | Is coconut oil good for your skin?

Coconut Oil has been the trendy product that has 1000 amazing uses, especially as part of your skincare routine. It seems is that miracle product that has too benefits that you must have it

Also, if you add that is natural it fits the “clean and non-toxic” trend that is very popular now.

Although is a great product for many things, It is not necessarily the best for our skin or al least when applies pure, and here are a few reasons:

Coconut oil Is comedogenic

This means coconut oil can’t penetrate the pores and actually can suffocate your skin and will clog your pores because it sits on top of the skin. If you have oily skin or your skin has a tendency for breakout, coconut oil can worsen you condition instead of helping it.

Not so good moisturizer

Coconut oil does help your skin retain moisture, but when you use at as your only moisturizer, you’re missing out on essential skincare components like humectants and hydrators. It can be good for occasional fix but it will not penetrate your skin and hydrates.

Anti-aging properties

Although Coconut oil has many great properties, unfortunately, anti-aging is not one of them. We know that one of the main causes of the appearance of wrinkles is the loss of collagen. Vitamin C and vitamin A are the gold standard ingredients that helps the skin to produce collagen. Coconut Oil does not have that property, you may feel you skin hydrated and plump, but it is not addressing the root cause of aging.

Not good to treat sunburns

You shouldn’t apply coconut oil to sunburn because it can trap heat on your skin and prolong painful inflammation. That’s because applying any kind of oil over a fresh sunburn will trap heat on the surface of your skin, worsening the burn. This can prolong inflammation and keep your skin hot and red for longer, delaying the healing process.

Don’t get me wrong I think coconut oil is a great product and have so many benefits for your body that is why is part of many skincare products formulations but is not necessary that good when applied pure on your skin. It is good for your recipes though.

If you are interested in natural oil to sooth your skin there are many that are good and don’t clog your pores like: almond oil, jojoba oil and the famous rosehip oil

Have a great and safe day!

Author: Maite

Hi I'm Maite I love everything about beauty and skincare but also love travel the world to see new places. I created this blog to combine my two passions and share with you in this little corner on the web. I hope you enjoy it!

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