The 3 biggest beauty misconceptions

Hello all

Today I want to spend some time to talk about misconceptions in beauty. In the last of couple of years, I have seen so many misconceptions, marketing terms, trends and terms than has been used in a wrong way.

For me is very important that we as personas and consumers are well informed so we can make the best decision when it comes to our skin and skincare products.

My idea with today’s post is to go with the trendiest terminology used at the moment and clarify some wrong information.

Clean Beauty

I really hate this term with every part of me, you know why? because it does not mean anything! Let me explain, Clean beauty is not a regulated or an official term for 3 reasons:

  • There is not a regulatory institution that defined what Clean beauty is. When a product has in the label that is Organic, as is a regulated term you exactly what that product has o doesn’t. When it comes to clean beauty every company have their own definition a specific set of ingredients.
  • Clean beauty is a marketing term. A brand that has clean beauty what is telling you that for them is better to not have certain ingredients and make you fearful for those ingredients. Also, for me there is an interesting question: does this mean that all of the other brands (especially the ones developed by doctors) Dirty? What constitutes a dirty product and what constitutes a clean one?
  • Clean beauty does not necessarily mean it will harm you skin. Most of the products in the market are safe to use as they need to go to tests to be able to be available to consumers. that being said every one of us are sensible to a certain ingredient and everybody is different. So any products (natural, clean or not) can make a person to have a bad reaction based on their ingredients. So instead of looking for “clean” or other teams, look for the ingredients that works for you.

Chemical free

This is another marketing term, used to help promote a product as “natural”, “organic” or “toxic free” and this is just IMPOSIBLE, why? because EVERYTHING IS A CHEMICAL. Even water.

The concept has been so misused that most people think of a chemical is a toxic, lab made, synthetic, processed substance that will harm your skin. That may be true for a small group of chemicals, but for the majority is not true. Every as all substances and objects are composed entirely of chemicals and energy.

Medical grade cosmetics

Many aestheticians, brands and influencers will promote a skincare lines as “medical grade” given them a certain appeal or status. The reasons behind it can be many, to make the products to look more serious, to appeal for more effective ingredients (or higher concentrations) or charge you higher prices.

Medical grade is not a regulated term in skincare

Medical-grade skincare is just like any other type of skincare. Whether they’re good, or effective, or worth the price, or have clinical studies to back up their effects has to be judged on a brand-by-brand or product-by-product basis.

One of the main reasons I’m posting this is that If there is a product is honestly amazing and you like and works for you, then it doesn’t need to be puffed up with myths about how “clean it is” or what it does not have or how toxic drugstore products are, etc. If a product has worked wonders for you just say that and why is so great.

Have a great and safe day

Author: Maite

Hi I'm Maite I love everything about beauty and skincare but also love travel the world to see new places. I created this blog to combine my two passions and share with you in this little corner on the web. I hope you enjoy it!

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