Avene 3 in 1 Make-up Remover Lotion Cleanser

Company Info

Brand: Eau Thermale Avene

Country: France

Story: in 1736 the therapeutic properties of Avène Thermal Spring were first discovered when a horse belonging to Marquis of Rocozels suffering from alopecia, rolled in the water regularly to soothe its itching skin. It’s been told that the horse’s coat was restored to its original shiny and healthy condition, a few years after the thearapic center was created. in 1847 the French government declared the Avène Thermal Spring Water as “public benefit”. in 195 Pierre Fabre laboratories purchased the center and begins the development the Brand.

Since: Est. 1990

Owned by: Pierre Fabre laboratories.

Cruelty free: No, even though that Avene is manufactured in France and follow EU regulations of ban on animal testing, Avene is commercialized in China, where animal testing is required by law.

The Product

Main ingredients: Avene thermal spring water&C12-15 alkyl benzoate (an emollient).

Texture: Cream

Suitable for sensitive skin: yes

For whom is good: all skin types, but especially for sensitive or hypersensitive skin.

Free of: parabens

Vegan: No

Shelf life: 6 months

Size: 200ml / 6.7 FL.OZ. There is also a 100 ml format.


My Review

My review: I received this as a gift from a friend that knows my passion of skincare. And it was pleasant discovery.

It is a cleanser that you can use either to remove makeup or as a normal cleanser. It is a light lotion that applies beautiful on the skin. It is perfect if you skin is irritated or sensitive as the Thermal water acts as a soothing ingredient. But I must says that it did not work very well with waterproof mascara.

I was positively surprised to discover and use, as it is not mentioned enough but is perfect for any skin and does the job, without stripping your skin barrier.

How I used: PM as a first cleanse (to remove makeup) and sometimes as my morning cleanse.

Why I liked the most: How gentle it was on my skin but at the same time effective on cleansing my skin

How long did it last: 3 months

Pecas’s score: 4/5 Good

Will but it again: Probably. I think if i feel my skin being over sensitive of dry.


Packaging: It is a plastic tube, recyclable. it comes without box and wrapped in sealing plastic for security. No box

On the other hand, its production facility works with 100% of their electricity use comes from renewable energy sources, with no direct CO2 emissions. 90% of the waste is recycled.

I think what a good bonus will be if Avene will add a product recycling program or ally with partners like Teracycle.

Sustainability score: 3/5

Where you can buy it:you can buy directly from Avene page or pharmacies in your home country.


Note: This product was a gift from a friend and there are no affiliate links in this post

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