The Face mists of 2022


Continuing with the review of 2022 series, today I will share the Face mists & toners I used up this year and their respective ranking.

I finished 5 face mists in the year and I repeated one (which happens to be my favorite this year). So let’s see how my ranking is.

The never again ones

Sunday Riley Pink Drink essence – This is a product that I had high expectation sdue to excellent reviews , the brand and the price (expensive). Well I did not like it at all. My skin got irritated, so I stopped using it after 3 weeks. Never again. The wrote a full review on my experience.

Madecassoside Fluid by A’pieu – I bought this essence as it contains centella asiatica, which is an ingredient that works perfect to calm sensitive skin. But this fluid made my skin more sensitive. I didn’t like how my skin felt and I stop using it after a month.

The Good one

Origins Mega -Mushrrom Relief & Resilience toner – I got this toner in a pack of products and it was a pleasent surprise. Light and refreshing is perfect to sooth you skin, specially when you are using strong ingredients in you skincare routine.

The Stars

Nuxe very rose refreshing toning mist – I loved this face mist. Light, refreshing and hydrating, perfect for sensitive skin. I will repuchase it again this year.

Eucerin Hyaluron spray – This mist does not only works for you face but also you body. It is perfect to calm any kind of irritated skin, specially after a long under the sun. This is my go-to mist for summer.

And the best face mist of 2022 is…..

Embryolisse Eau de Beauté Rosamélis

This for my is my holy grail when it comes to face mist. It is hydrating, soothing and calming, also perfect for use anytime during the year. It does not have alcohol and sometimes I use it as a setting spray. I love it! I use 2 bottles last year and I already bought another one. You can find my detailed review here.

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