Ingredient of the month | Hyaluronic acid

Hello everybody! For today’s Ingredient of the Month post I choose a very popular ingredient that is apparently the one that everybody wants in their lives: Hyaluronic Acid (HA). It seems that now every brand has a HA serum, or they have added it in their products, but what really is? and foremost, is it that good?

What it is? It is a molecule that is naturally produce by our bodies and is present in every single cell in our bodies……..HA molecules have a unique ability to attract and retain more than 1,000 times their weight in water. One thousand! that is why so many people love it.

We have it naturally in our bodies, but as many things that happens with age, we tend to loose it and the ability to produce it. That is why we tend to supplement in other ways.

There 3 main ways to incorporate HA in our lives: topically, by injection (fillers) and through oral supplements. In this post I will only cover the first way as I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist.

What are the benefits? Let’s make one thing clear this is not an anti-aging ingredient or stimulate your collagen production (when applied topically). This is a great misconception. For me HA has the same effect as a glass of water (or a lot of them), which is hydrating your skin, make it in plumper, retaining moisture and attracts the water we lose by the day and age.

Even though is not an anti-aging ingredient (there are others doing that job, ex: vitamin A, etc.) for me it is essential in my daily routine as it covers the basics: have you hydration level at its best and keep my skin moisturized. But also, it is very lightweight to hydrate oily skins without clogging them. Again, is like the glasses of water you drink during the day..

When to use it? Daily, and twice a day for all skin’s types. Also, you can applied after a day out in the sun, after a laser procedure or when you need a booster of hydration during the day (but depends of your skin).

Is it safe for all skin types? Yes.

What precautions should I take? It works well with all ingredients and products. The only situation I suggest not to use it is when you skin is compromised. For me a compromised skin is the one that has open wounds, cysts, severe reactions to a procedure or a product. The reason I don’t suggest using it under those circumstances, even HA is very gentle and a moisturizer, it may (in extremes and rare cases) sting when skin is under stress.

My opinion: I love it. for me is one those basic ingredients that I need in my routine. Going back to my analogy, is like the glasses of water I drink it during the day, applied to my skin.

5 great Hyaluronic acid you can try (for all budgets)

Do you use Hyaluronic acid in your routine? what is your favorite one?

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