Review | La Roche Posay C10 serum

Vitamin C is one of the ingredients I like the most on any skincare regimen and for me is a must. Why? because is part of the few group of ingredients (along with Vitamin A) that is capable to promote the production of collagen on your skin and therefore perfect for targeting aging. But also it helps with pigmentation (and I do have a lot due to sun exposure and my fair skin) which for me is a key issue.

On the other hand, it helps to bright you skin and help it look more radiant and healthier. So it is a champion ingredient. For this reason I’m always on the look for the best Vitamin C serum and currently my favorite is the one from Kiehls. Once I learn that LRP launched one I was very eager to try. After using an entire bottle, here are my thoughts.

Product name: Pure Vitamin C10

Main ingredients: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) at 10% concentration and salicylic acid.

Purpose: An anti-aging serum that helps the promotion of collagen and helps to brighten the skin and targets pigmentation. The perfect serum for a more radiant skin.

For whom is good: For all skin types, especially mature skin. Suitable for sensitive skin.

When to use it: In the morning, after cleansing. Frequency: daily. Because of its effect I recommend using SPF daily.

Free of: SLS’s, silicon, synthetic dies and mineral oil.

Vegan: No

Tested on animals: They don’t test on animals, but is not cruelty free as they sell in mainland China.

Safe for pregnant women: Yes.

Size: It comes in 1 size, 30 ml in a glass bottle.

My opinion: I had high expectations with this product as  I am a huge fan of La roche posay as all its products are really good and made with the highest quality. But unfortunately, I didn’t have the same luck with this vitamin C, and for 3 reasons: first it didn’t do anything on my skin I didn’t see any difference and I usually can notice when a Vitamin C works on me.

Second and the most upsetting aspect is that it oxidizes in less than a month. I know that vitamin C is quite instable and it the contact of air and light it can oxidize, turn orange and loose its efficacy. That is the reason that most of the vitamin C on the market are packaged in dark, opaque packaging to protect it from the sun. Once you open your serum it has a life around 90 days before it starts oxidizing, so that is the reason there is no point to stock up on Vitamin C, no matter how good a promotion is.

That being said, my serum got orange in less than a month and I was surprised as I always store my products in a dark shelve where no light can get it. And third, the serum is super sticky and the packaging does not help and you ending up wasting a little bit every time you use it,

So unfortunately, I will give it a pass on this one. I think if LRP can reformulate i can give it another try.

How long did it last: Using it everyday on the evening it lasted almost 1.5 months. But it oxidized in less than 1 month.

Score: 2/5

Price point: 30 ml: $39

Where can you buy it:

Have you used this serum before? What has been your experience?

Note: there are not affiliate links in this post and I have purchased the product mentioned

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