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The title is funny as due to the current situation of life during COVID19 and the current social situation You may think really? are you going to post about beach totes while all of this is happening? That you may not be able to go to the beach at all?

And my answer is yes. Because I need a distraction, I need something to look forward that is not so heartbreaking like the current news. And maybe this post that you may scroll in 2- 5 minute helps you as well as me to give our minds a tiny break that we need in other to get back on track and keep going/fighting/speaking up and be safe.

So allow me this small space on the web to share. As a Venezuelan, I grew up at the beach and with great temperatures so having a beach tote was something necessary as we used it all year round.

Now that I live in a country that the sun comes out very rarely I try to focus my holidays (even Xmas) to go to a sunny destination. As I’m not planning to go anywhere for quite sometime I decided to dream and selected the 5 totes that are perfect for the beach or for our daily life.


When you see this basket you immediately think south of Europe, lavender, outdoor market. I bought mine many years ago in a market and I use it for the beach but also when I’m going to the farmer’s market. This one holds a lot and they are super affordable.


This bag is famous one from the brand LL bean and it is used for multi purposes. the canvas is super resistant and it can hold a lot of weight and it is easy to wash. Many brands offer their own version, but L.L.Bean gives you the option to choose color and if you want add a monogram. And the best? the brand offers lifetime guarantee. That is quality.

via The Strip


This neoprene bag has invaded Instagram and online stores. The catch is that is very lightweight and comes in multiple colors. It is perfect for travel as you can fold it and put it in your suitcase. The one in olive green and orange is on my wishlist. A couple stores offer to monogram it as well.


Zara home always have great totes for summer that yo can use for different uses and their styles are timeless. You can use it for many years and they don’t go out of style ever. This one is a canvas one with a beautiful color. Perfect.


I’m very happy to show you a bag from a Venezuelan woman that I admire very much and she has launched a line of bags that are beautiful. Her name is Camila Canabal and she always change the print (I’m waiting for the new collection soon) but the quality remains the same: the best. This tote is made with canvas and it is super resistant.

This is Camila a woman that reivented herself after starting from 0 when she emigrated

I hope you enjoyed it and have a safe weekend

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