My favorite multipurpose products

Hello all!

Today I’m sharing info that I think it will be practical for many of you and it about beauty products that have more than one purpose for you and they are effective in each of one of those purpose, without comprising quality.

With this and the times we are living right now I think we should invest carefully in products that are right for us and you can get the most benefit out of it. Her is the list of the one I think are the best in terms of price, quality, and the different uses you can get from them.

Marula oil

This is an amazing oil for many things like:

  • It is a great emollient for your skin, and it absorbs very quickly!
  • You can use it on your hair, especially on the ends as a nourishing oil and give shine to it.
  • to soften your cuticles
  • Add a few drops to your body lotion to make it more nourishing.

The Marula oil I really like is the one from The Ordinary as its price is very good, the formula and quality are amazing.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast balm

This is one of my all-time favorite skincare products because it its really good and also it has a lot of different uses for every member in your family (including kids), like:

  • For small burns, it helps to heal the wound quickly and it prevents potential irritations.
  • Helps to heal diaper rash that babies may have, it is perfect for their delicate skins.
  • For dry lips as it helps to repair the delicate skin of your lips.
  • When you are using Retinol (Vitamin A) it is perfect to prevent irritation and peeling.

Avene Spring water

You have many brands that also carry this product, like Vichy, Evoluderm, SVR and many others, but for some reason I always return to the one from Avene, as it has calming properties. Why? because:

  • It calms irritated skin (including kids)
  • For very hot days I always carry on my purse and I spray over my face to refresh it
  • To set my makeup
  • As a facial mist
  • To calm my skin after I do my eyebrows as my skin turns red very easily
  • Aftershave (also for men) as it calms the skin.

The Multiple by NARS

The name says it all, it one of the most versatile makeup products I own and It is the one I pack when I travel as with 2 of them you can have all you makeup without carry a lot. Here is the list of the many uses it has:

  • Blush
  • Eye shadow
  • Lipstick
  • Body highlighter

Here is my list of my favorites ones, I would love to hear your as well

Have a great and safe day!

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