My weekend trip to Texel island

This last weekend I get to spend 4 days on a beautiful Dutch island called Texel. It is the biggest island of the Netherlands and it is located in the North of the country. It has more than 30 Km of beaches and you get by ferry from Den Helder and it takes you in 20 minutes.

We booked a car on the Snappcar app where you can rent car of people (it’s like the Airbnb of cars) and has very attractive prices. We travel from Amsterdam to Den Helder (around 2 and a half hour), took the train (20 min) and we drove until our stay in the other side of the island (45 min).

We stayed in De Krim and we rented a house for 6 people. The great thing is that they allowed pets, so we brought our friends could bring they lovely dog. The first day we arrived we went to the beach to enjoy the sunset.

The next day we have planned to visit the famous lighthouse of Texel that has 150 years old and has impressive views to the other islands. Unfortunately it was closed (due to COVID), so we decided to explore the beach instead.

The other place to visit in the Island is The Dunes of Texel and impressive park that is perfect for a walk and to explore the beautiful nature.

On our last day we explore the island and we found a couple of the typical Dutch windmills.

It was a lovely weekend and it was so nice to get out of the city to change views and relax a bit.

Have you ever been to Texel or any of the other Dutch islands?

Have a great and safe day!

Author: Maite

Hi I'm Maite I love everything about beauty and skincare but also love travel the world to see new places. I created this blog to combine my two passions and share with you in this little corner on the web. I hope you enjoy it!

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