4 great portable hand sanitizers I’m loving

Hello all

We know how important and practical hand sanitizers can be in our daily life and became even more relevant with what have happened this year. It seems that now they will become a must product to have in our purses or bags.

Because of this many brands have come with their own version of hand sanitizer and new brands have emerge: scented, unscented, with fragrance, fragrance free, gel, liquid and so on.

After I try several ones, I came up with a short list of the hand sanitizers that I’m loving and why.
Obviously this is a personal choice and is very good that there is one product for every lifestyle

The Singular Olivia

One of my Spanish favorite brands, The SIngular Olivia just launched 3 liquid hand sanitizers that have 70% alcohol, Aloe Vera and glycerin (to prevent your hands from drying). They come in 3 flavors each with a story behind them (socially one called Dear Lupe, after the woman that invented the Hand sanitizer, did you know that?).

Size: 50 ml

Price: 7,9€


Another great Spanish company that created a great hand sanitizer that kills almost 99.9% of germs. It is Refillable, vegan and contains Aloe Vera to prevent your hand from drying. Also comes in different accessories sand the shape is super practical to carry in your bag. a good point is that 20% of their profits fund water projects in Africa. A company with a social commitment.

Size: 30 ml

Price: 6.95€


An US brand that has become a trendsetter on hand sanitizer is the last year. Their product is liquid and it helps with key ingredients to kill 99% of bacteria’s while hydrating your skin. With very nice scents and practical packaging. And also is refillable which is great as we reuse the packaging.

Size: 38 ml

Price: US$ 12


Good, effective and affordable, the best way I can describe this one. It is a gel-based formula, non-sticky and fast absorbing. Contains 70% Alcohol (v/v), enriched with plant-origin glycerin to avoid dryness.

Size: 125 ml

Price: 3.9€

Do you have a Hand sanitizer that you love? Which one it is and why?

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