Travel etiquette | 10 tips to be a better traveler

Today I will step away a little bit from beauty and discuss another passion: travel, and more important what is the proper travel etiquette that will help you have a more enjoyable journey. There are more people travelling (either for work or fun), the airports are getting crowder and the sits on the plane are getting smaller, perfect recipe to have people on edge and ready for an argument at any time.

We know that travel can be stressful and energy draining but I think if me make small changes in how we behave, it can a lot better for you and your fellow travelers. So here are my 10 tips to be a better traveler:


Be prepare for security: we know that going through security is a pain in the behind, but there is nothing we can do to avoid it, so let’s try to make it easier for you: be prepared, take your belt, coins etc. before arriving to the security station, have your electronics at hand easy to get out as well as your liquids. This will help to speed the process and avoid the nagging from the security guard.

Don’t take your belongings and put them back on immediately. Take your belongings, move to the end of the conveyor belt and get out of people’s way so they can grab their bag. It’s courteous to move to a bench or to a spot away from the horde of people to reassemble your gear/clothes before you move onto the gate.

Stand on the right, walk on the left: Moving sidewalk are a great thing when you have to walk a lot. But it serves multiple purposes, to rest if you don’t want to walk long distances but also help you to walk faster. Like we do in the highway if you don’t want to walk or you are doing it very slowly, stand on the right side of the belt so you leave room for people in a hurry on the left. Win-win.


Respect thy overhead bin: Don’t take up huge amounts of overhead storage space. Leave space for others, At the same time use the space above your row or near. Putting your luggage on the overhead bin in row 2 while your seat is on row 26 is not only disrespectful but It won’t help you to get out of the plain faster. It will start a disruption as the passengers on the row will need to put their luggage in other location, slowing down the arrival process.

Middle seat passengers get right of arms rest: this is unwritten rule, the middle seat gets both armrests. Let’s face is the worst seat on the plane. Window seat can lean theirs, against the airplane wall. Aisle seat can sneak some leg stretching in as long as beverage service isn’t happening. But the armrests are the only saving grace our poor middle-seat passengers have. It’s only fair to yield them both of the arm rests.

Reclining your seat: Out of respect, check behind you before reclining your seat. You will be invading someone’s space, so be conscientious about when your seat is tilted back, especially during meals.

You can decline to switch seats if you don’t want to: There are a couple of times when I would strongly suggest you switch, like when a couple gets separated and has a lap child. This is more for your comfort than theirs. But most of the time, if someone is not offering you a comparable switch (aisle for aisle, similar parts of the plane) you do not have to switch. You don’t have to give a reason, just politely say, “I will pass. Sorry about that.”

Be nice to the cabin crew and follow their instructions: They are doing their job and is not only passing food, beverages or showing the duty free store, but they are responsible for the safety of the passengers, so if they say please don’t go to the bathroom during a turbulence, follow their advice, you can wait for 10 more minutes. Be respectful


Don’t get up before the belt sign is turn off: Yes, we want to get off as soon as possible, but for your security please wait until the signs are turn off, before getting up to grab your luggage. Safety first.

Let passengers in front of you deplane first: Is the right thing to do, the row before you have the right to leave the plane first and believe it will make the whole process faster. Always be courteous. If you have a connecting flight and you are delayed, notify the flight attendant so they can coordinate the deplane in a organized manner.

What are some other tips you think everyone should follow by while traveling? Let me know in the comments below!

Author: Maite

Hi I'm Maite I love everything about beauty and skincare but also love travel the world to see new places. I created this blog to combine my two passions and share with you in this little corner on the web. I hope you enjoy it!

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