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If there is a product that I love and never fails to be part of my evening routine it is Retinol or to better said Tretinoin. This product has been proved by many studies and proof as the gold standard anti-aging product in the industry. And today I’m sharing you my experience with a great product

Brand: Ferrer

Country: Spain

Main ingredients: Tretinoin (Vitamin A)

Purpose: Is the gold standard anti-aging ingredient with proven studies. It makes the skin less wrinkled, firmer, smoother and tighter, On the other hand it is also an effective acne treatment.

Texture: cream

For whom is good: all skin types, but specially people over 30 years old that are starting an anti-aging routine.

Free of: alcohol.

Vegan: Yes

Cruelty – Free: Yes, It follows the EU regulation

Safe for pregnant women: NO

Size: 30 gr

My opinion: I really like this product. Last year I used the one with 0.025% and I built it up for weeks and i ended use it every night without peeling. Once that happened, I was ready to upgrade to a higher concentration, so I went to 0.05%.

And wow! there is a difference, since the first time I used it i peeled. I decided to go very slow with this one. After 4 months I managed to use it 3 times per week (not consecutive days), no more. This concentration for me is strong and I think it will take a while for my skin to get used to.

But that is ok as any retinol journey is like a marathon, is better to go slowly that go fast and have a reaction on your skin. In my case I start the first month once a week, then slowly increasing the frequency and see how my skin reacts. If I start to peel, I paused for a few days and then let my skin to heal.

Retirides is my go-to retinol product as it is Tretoin (Vitamin A) and is helping my skin. It is my holy grail anti-aging product.

Note: usually you can buy Tretoin with a doctor’s prescription in your country. In Spain you can get Retirides over the counter. Don’t buy Retirides or any product that contains in tretoin on Amazon, as you may have the risk to buy a fake product that my harm you skin.

How long did it last: 4 months.

Score: 5/5. Holy grail status.

Price point: 19 €

Have you heard from Retinol before?

How has been your experience?

Note: there are no affiliate links in this post and I have purchased the product mentioned.

Author: Maite

Hi I'm Maite I love everything about beauty and skincare but also love travel the world to see new places. I created this blog to combine my two passions and share with you in this little corner on the web. I hope you enjoy it!

9 thoughts

    1. HI Mona, It took around 8-10 days but I can imagine that now it will take a little bit longer. It is a great product my only suggestion is start slow to see how your skin reacts if you haven’t used it befoe. Have nice day!


    1. Hi Mishal thanks for your comment. The formula is vegan. Vitamin A is vegan it is man- made and vegan. And the other ingredient that may be non vegan in other formulas is urea wich in this case is synthetic so it does not come from animals. I hope I answered your question!


  1. Hi Maite, can you really get retirides without a prescription? I saw in another comment that you ordered it from some place but I can’t, for the life of me, find the link. Would you mind sharing where you get your tube?


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