SD Advanced™ PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate review

Hello everybody! Today I bring you my weekly product review of one of the products I have been using lately. But Also I change the layout to make it more reader friendly, it is in progress so please any feedback you have is welcome! the idea is to bring you my content in a format that is easy to consume and consult.

So here are the facts of the StricVectin Moisturizer

Company Info





In the market since

Owned by

Cruelty free


United States

StriVectin launched as a stretch mark cream that was sold in health food stores such as GNC

Est. 2002

Catterton Partners


The Product

Main Ingredients


Suitable for sensitive skin

For whom is good

Free of


Shelf Life


Copper Tripeptide, Glycerin, white water lily extract



Mature and/or dry skin



24 months

60 ml – 2 fl oz.

Sorry for the quality but this is my used product !

My Review

This is a very popular moisturizer that I got with the Caroline Hirons 2020 Autumn Kit, and that was the opportunity for me to try and at a reasonable price. Wherever I read, I only get amazing reviews and how this cream really helps them minimize lines and hydrate the skin. In my personal view it is an ok cream, nothing spectacular.

I do have realistic expectations with moisturizer, I don’t expect that they will erase lines or fade my spots in a couple of weeks, but I do expect my skin to be hydrated and looking healthy. This cream didn’t deliver in any of those expectations. My skin looked dull and opaque, like if the cream was too heavy on me. I did not like and less based on the price.

How I used it

Whay I liked the most

How long did it last

Pecas’s score

Will I but it again

Daily on my evenng routine as the last product


3 months

2/5 – Below average




Sustainability score

Plastic tube. It comes in box with a paper with detail of the product

4/5. Great . It is Cruelty free but the packaging can be improved

Where you can buy it: you can buy directly from StriVectin page or big niche beauty retailers in your home country


Note: I purchased the product reviewed and there are affiliate links in this post

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