The Eye Moisturizers of 2021

Continuing with the review of 2021 series, today we will be covering: Eye creams. This will be the last review of skincare as tomorrow we will do for the final post which will me covering makeup.

I’m very picky about eye creams. If I’m going to spend money on a eye cream, it has to be good, otherwise I prefer to use my regular moisturizer.

Here is my ranking of the eye creams I used in 2021.

The good one

Murad – Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector – It is a good moisturizer; it hydrates, and it absorbs quickly. But It won’t help with your dark circles. I don’t think any cream can. It is a good moisturizer, nothing more.

The forgettable one

The Ordinary – Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG – This is technically a moisturizer, but a serum and it is very popular and has great reviews. The main claim is that is supposed to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and puffiness. It doesn’t. It doesn’t do anything. Save your money.

And the best eye cream of 2021 is…..

EYE DOCTOR by Origins

This is the best eye cream I have ever tried. It won’t erase your fine lines or you dark circles, but it does a brilliant job hydrating and brighten the skin around your eyes. It makes it looks and feel better and diminish the chances that your concealers creases.

Next: last post of review of 2021: Makeup.

Author: Maite

Hi I'm Maite I love everything about beauty and skincare but also love travel the world to see new places. I created this blog to combine my two passions and share with you in this little corner on the web. I hope you enjoy it!

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